Life’s Great Smorgasbord (?)


You can’t do everything, dear.

-My Grandma

Just when I was feeling all cozy and settled, I realized that we leave for Århus the day after tomorrow. I apparently was not destined to spend another Friday night partying at the English-style pub that one of the students built in an upstairs classroom, complete with a big oak bar and reindeer horns. And the øl is free this week, too ….

I am trying to look ahead and budget my final days in Viborg, but it’s a challenge since I’m emerging from a haze of vile intestinal distress. As if I wasn’t already disenchanted with Danish food, I went and got the worst case of food poisoning of my adult life from the “best” pizza place in town. Usually this kind of thing happens to travellers in destinations far more sultry and interesting than Denmark, so I feel like a big wuss.

I’m also trying to budget my time in other, more fundamental ways. I made a commitment earlier this week (pre-pizza) that makes me gulp just thinking about it. It is something I’ve been wanting to for several years, slowly gathering resources and confidence. And now, it will require careful managing of time and money to execute.

I signed up for a 200-hour Kripalu yoga teacher training.

Yoga seems to me a great accompaniment to the writing life. With my super-creaky knees, I’m unlikely to ever be a superstar. But teaching yoga would be the ideal way to pay my way through grad school. And the training itself would undeniably enrich my life inside and out.

The training is scheduled for October. That means I have to keep my yoga practice steady for the next six months, and can’t cave to financial pressures and take a permanent job between now and then. (As far-fetched as that seems to me now, it may seem less so as my bank account dwindles.)

I also must stay focused on my intent, rather than letting my attention veer off onto one of the thousand inviting little side streets it wants to explore. Because my grandma is right—as most grandmas are. You can’t do everything.

But of course, that doesn’t mean you have to do only one thing, especially what you’re doing right now. Every once in a while, it’s worthwhile to shake loose all the tightly wound strands of your life and weave a new layer.

One thought on “Life’s Great Smorgasbord (?)

  1. Abi says:

    Greetings from overcast Berkeley, Amy!
    The writing group misses you—I miss you! But I’m proud (and envious) of your big leap out of the 9 to 5 grind and into adventure and the unknown. Your entries are like little windows into the bigger, wilder world outside my office and my computer screen. Please write more! It’s a balm to my weary soul and a reminder that I will need to take the leap soon too. Right now the excuse is that Brian is finishing up his Ph.D. here—one more year to go. I’m formulating plans for escape. Stay tuned.


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