Escape of the Day: Off the Map

Off the Map

It took a whole swarm of bees and the sight of a nude gardener to inspire him, but William Gibbs finally bailed on his government job and took up painting in the remote desert of New Mexico. He had no plan, and no way of knowing that his artwork would actually become famous one day. He was just following his gut, which is the best any of us can do.

So who is this wonderboy?

He’s a character in an obscure film called Off the Map, directed by Campbell Scott. If you don’t mind a loosely woven plot, the film is gold. We first meet Gibbs as a young tax collector for the IRS, arriving on the doorstep of a homestead in the most godforsaken land you can imagine. His purpose is to perform an audit on a family living under the government radar, a self-sufficient band of three with stockpiles of food and no desire to join “the real world.” Instead of auditing them, Gibbs finds his inner bohemian and falls off the map. 

See for youself.

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