Escape of the Day: I Scream


Guess what? It’s National Ice Cream Day! Huzzah. And here I was thinking this whole daily posting thing might be a challenge. When every product in the world has its own advertising campaign and the prospect of being plastered all over the Web–and even has the possibility of being parlayed into a holiday–Escape Artist will never be at a loss for a daily feature. Thank your local stars, and your ad man, too.

Now go fatten yourself with a sweet dish of yumminess. Or just, you know, open your throat and scream. Either is sure to fuel your creativity.

(I wanted to offer you a fab recipe for red wine ice cream, of all things, which I ferreted out from insiders at Millennium. But thanks to my upcoming cross-country move, my kitchen is a disaster and the recipe is nowhere to be found. I hereby do solemnly swear that when/if I find it, I’ll post it here.)

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