Escape of the Day: Grits

Mmm Grits

Unravel the mystique of Southern regional cuisine with a simple bowl of grits. Not polenta, people: grits. Honestly, it’s the easiest thing in the world to make. If you have to break down and pay someone $15 at some hipster cafe for a bowl of grits, you are seriously ailin’. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Buy a package of quality grits. Or cheap ones. Whatever.
  2. Follow the cooking directions on the bag. While it’s cooking, consider adding extra salt, butter, and milk (or cream!), but only if you’re a shameless glutton like me.
  3. If you want, sautee something tasty to throw in during the last few minutes that the grits are cooking. This is where things get interesting. I’m partial to shrimp or fish cooked with some spices, but you could go in any direction here. Think Italian, Cajun, veggies … No use in being a purist, about grits or anything else.
  4. Dish it up and add cheese of any variety.

See, it’s not like some kind of voodoo. It’s just intuition.

Clearly, I have begun to abandon the mescalun-and-flatbread foodscape here in Calfornia and look toward my new home in Georgia. This process was piqued this week by Salon , which published a really, really stupid anti-South letter (raised my ire almost more than their “Cold Mountain” movie review a few years back). Alas, yesterday they redeemed themselves by running this interview with John T. Edge, “America’s bard of Southern food.” At any rate, I am fired up about going South.

As for you: Start with the grits, and I’ll try and report back on Kool-Aid pickles when I get to Georgia, okay?

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