Case in Point

This week’s essay–you know, the type of thing I’ve now recategorized as “Reflections”–was supposed to be about time management. I’ve been whipping myself into a frenzy lately trying to schedule myself so I can squeeze in all the disparate projects I’m working on: magazine pitches, freelance work, M.F.A. portfolio preparation. And mostly, I’ve felt good about how I’ve juggled it all.
Ironically, though, I have to table this week’s essay, because I wasted the hour I should’ve written it setting up a MySpace account, of all things. What am I, 17? For God’s sake. Anyway, see how delicate the balance is? I think I’ve made my point, essay or no essay.

And there will, sadly, be no essay till next week. I’ve got work to do …..

One thought on “Case in Point

  1. larissa says:

    Just getting caught back up on your blog! It’s great, I hope you keep it up! Though Myspace is so delightfully easy to waste time on.


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