Escape of the Day: Spooky Little Pony

Wow, it’s been nearly a month since my last Escape of the Day. What am I, depressed? Don’t answer that. Instead, treat yourself to the deliciously bluesy vocals of one Miss Jolie Holland. I’ve never mentioned very favorite vocalist here, because she’s like some kind of frighteningly rare jewel that you only break out for special occasions. Today, I’d say that the occasion is my own reawakening .. maybe yours too? Anyone else out there need to be shaken by the shoulders and reminded of how beautiful the world is? And that art exists as a sensory escape for us? And that (even better) we can create our own?

Click the image to hear something fabulous.

Jollie Holland / Kate Kunath

I am my own pony. I am getting back on the horse. Yippee ti-yi-yo.

Something like that.

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