Escape of the Day: Spirulina


Get yourself some nice, powdered, green nutrition to feed your creative fantasies. I am sucking on a smoothie laced with the stuff, and it is making my day.

When I first moved to Asheville, NC at the oh-so-tender age of 23, I lived in a rat-infested Montford District house with two guys–a hack DJ who kept failing his physical therapy exams, and an apprentice woodworker who built a hideous bright green dinosaur table for our living room and peddled spirulina, Avon-style, on the side. In retrospect, I admire their resourceful persistence, but God bless ’em, they drove me crazy. I carried around negative associations with spirulina for a long time after that.

Eventually I was able to embrace the invigorating powers of vibrantly colored chlorophyll without thinking of 44 Magnolia St. It being cold season and all, perhaps you’ll want to try it out yourself. It’s not just for wayward hippies, you know. And really, maybe I should thank ol’ George for spreading the micronutrient love.

(This makes me realize that perhaps a future post might address how our living situations might help make or break the tenuous quest for creative and professional freedom …)

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