Escape of the Day: Wanderlust


Google “Wanderlust” and see what you come up with. Your top results should include the U.K.-based magazine by the same name. I’ve been carrying around the June/July issue for months now, and still haven’t exhausted its many fantastic tips and tidbits. Looking toward winter, I’m playing a game of what one friend refers to as “travel roulette”–cobbling together a vacation around daily perusings of rock-bottom airfares on Kayak and Airfare Watchdog. The Wanderlust website has been a great addition to my travel-planning bag of tricks.

Buy the magazine on the stands for the exhorbitant price of $11 per copy, or get a subscription for a quarter the price.

(Wanderlust is also a book by Rebecca Solnit that’s been sitting on my shelf unread for 7 years! It’s about the history of walking, as if there is such a thing. Has anyone read this? I can’t believe it’s just sitting there …)

Do you have a favorite travel resource–travel guide publisher, obscure newsletter packed with bargain deals, group tour company, etc. ? Escape Artist would love to hear about it.

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