Escape of the Day: Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Get yourself on up to the multiplex and check out the Sean Penn’s on-screen adaptation of Jon Krakauer‘s book Into the Wild (which, for the record, I’ve not read–yet). There may be little I can say about the now-legendary story of Chris McCandless that no one else has said over the 15 years since he died in the Alaskan wild. But I do appreciate his strategic sense of escape and uncompromised sense of fulfillment.

The film does a good job of presenting Chris’s spirited but flawed character. And the acting is incredible–viva la Catherine Keener!

For the Cliff Notes version of Chris’s story, you can read the Outside magazine archives for Krakauer’s 1993 article.

One thought on “Escape of the Day: Into the Wild

  1. jeannie says:

    I saw this movie without thoroughly reading your recommendation. I didn’t really know the story or its outcome. I wept like a baby in the theater. This film was beautifully made and acted. I can’t shake the feelings it brought up in me. Truly moving.


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