Escape of the Day: The Darjeeling Limited


Click image to watch movie trailer and hear some great tunes, too.

Join my Hollywood crush Adrien Brody and his on-screen brothers Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson for a bizarre and beautiful trip to India. Each of these guys is trying desperately to get away from something, and they can’t entirely, because life doesn’t really let you escape yourself.

I love the way this movie allows the audience to follow the reality of travel (and life)–that the itinerary eventually goes out the window, and that the transformation you seek can takes dramatically different form from how you imagined, almost to the point of being traumatizing.

Oh, and by the way–Jason Schwartzman himself will be at the Tara Theater on Cheshire Bridge Rd. in Atlanta tonight for a Q&A. If you can’t make it, maybe book a ticket of a different sort on Airfare Watchdog.

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