Escape of the Day: Quilts by Luke Haynes


Check out these deceitfully painterly quilts by 25 year-old Asheville resident Luke Haynes. You will blink in disbelief that they are made from cloth and thread alone.

I’m admittedly biased in thinking that Luke is a rock-star artist, because he was a student at the boarding school where (in a seemingly former life) I taught art and ran a boarding house. Come to think of it, though, Luke never took any of my art classes … he taught his own. When a knitting craze struck and all the kids wanted to learn how, no one was as savvy as Luke. So he led an elective. If that didn’t convince us that he was a fiber-arts savant, we knew later, when he whipped up a stunning pair of pink, vinyl, velcro-off pants for prom. He was 14.

Such an obvious natural inclination can offer the basis for a career without any analysis, angst, or second-guessing.

Lucky for us all, Luke does commissions. Make his day and drop him a line….

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