Escape of the Day: JoCo


Log on to the fairly comprehensive website of our fellow escape artist, the computer programmer-turned-musician Jonathan Coulton. This is a guy who quit his job a few years ago and started cranking out a song every week, publishing them on the web. Now he makes more money as an Internet music icon than he ever did as a programmer. I first saw him in the basement of Cody’s Books (R.I.P.) in downtown San Francisco as he provided musical accompaniment for comedian/writer John Hodgman. If his giant furry hat didn’t strike me, his songs did.

Now he’s on Yahoo! News, of all places, and they’re calling him “The Godfather of Geek Rock.” For goodness’ sake. Check out the Yahoo interview, and his site as well–the songs are all free to download!

One thought on “Escape of the Day: JoCo

  1. Matthew says:

    Cool! I kept meaning to bring Coulton to your attention; should have known you were way ahead of me.

    “Re: Your Brains” is one of the best songs ever.


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