Escape of the Day: The Wish Jar

Get on over to Keri Smith’s crazy tangle of web links, collectively known as The Wish Jar, and start exploring. She is a modern day John Cage, a renegade public artist with few boundaries, little apparent ego, and a really good publishing contract. She is the type of artist who does stuff that surely you or I could have done–but we didn’t.

And why not?

As I catch my breath from the move and start picking up all the loose ends I left dangling when I blew across the country, I find her simple statement above says it perfectly. Why kick myself because (for example) I still don’t have a finished manuscript ready for publisher submission? Why berate myself because my fancy new business card bears a web URL which does not yet exist?! Nevermind the current condition of my nails, which, thanks to a filing accident, look like a slumber-party manicure given by a sleep deprived 4th grader.

The list goes on. But a gal can’t make herself miserable. Or can she?

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