IMAG3386-1“Never hope more than you work.

— Rita Mae Brown

For eight years, I’ve worked in the wine industry in absurdly  idyllic Northern California. Many call this a “dream job”, and for me, it surely is, but not for the usual reasons. My dream has never been a life of luxury–but of freedom.

With my homemade potion of kismet and elbow grease, I’ve followed my bliss into one of most desirable industries in the world. I’ve surfed out a wild ride of uncertainty that’s led me to an unlikely sweet spot. I relish that sweetness more knowing it could sour tomorrow.

  • When I welcome change, it welcomes me.
  • Only I can create my dream job. No one will hand it to me.
  • Gratitude is transformative!

A note about the name:  “Cavalier” has a historically negative connotation implying that someone is doing exactly what they want, disregarding of of others. Do I recommend such a boldly selfish strategy 100% of the time? Of course not. But as an antidote to following the masses, and as a way of tuning into my true desires, I’d say it’s just the ticket.

Then again, my rules are not your rules. Be cavalier.

Amy Bess

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