Open Eye


I got sleep—tons of it, several days in a row. I knew that whole insomnia thing couldn’t last (though it did, for about six weeks). You shouldn’t drive or operate heavy machinery when you haven’t slept, and the simple fact is that you shouldn’t blog, either. Sometimes we have to put on hold the thing we think we should be doing till we’re in a better position to pull it off.

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Escape of the Day: Work

Get to work.

No, seriously: work. That’s the escape of the day. I mean, I know the point of this particular column is to remind me/you/whoever of things that revive us when our work beats us to a bloody pulp. But let’s just acknowledge that sometimes, you catch a groove in your work, and it becomes as good an escape as anything else. I just worked myself silly, and I feel great.

If this sounds like some kind of labor propaganda to you, it’s possible that it is. I have, after all, been editing a career guide all day. Do you think it’s warped my brain?

Anyway, it’s all about balance. Tomorrow morning, I’m taking a bike ride along the Pacific.