Storm-Chasing & Peace-Seeking

My migration across the country fifteen years ago was a pivotal point in my life. It constituted a great leap toward dreams I’d held since I was a little girl–and the beginning of my Cavalier Career.

For all the gifts of that move (and they have been countless) it also brought chaos. This week, my essay “Dock of the Bay” reflects on the ongoing quest for peace amid unrest, and the lessons of a life in motion. Thanks to Misadventures magazine for the publication.


My Baby, Your Baby

Happy Birthday, Leah Marie!

Say happy birthday to the cutest dang first-grader ever.

I’ve undertaken the leap away from nine-to-five grind the way many people wind up having kids: You plan and plan, hoping for a time that’s right, but in the end you just do it. Because the time is always right.

And though perhaps life gets messy for a while, and there are times (like now) when you don’t have two pennies to rub together, you know that there is no other life you’d rather be living.

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