Wear It Well

Bad (?) Fashion

As a freelancer, I’ve been unexpectedly vexed by fashion. Ironic, no? Wearing pajamas to work is one of the prime ways that we self-employed types revel in our freedom. Yet getting all dolled up is an exercise in self-expression, not to mention self-respect. Besides, just because no one sees you all day, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fabulous.

When I open my closet each day, I either pick something so “comfortable” (read: slovenly) that I won’t leave the house, or something so sleek that I have to change clothes just to load the dishwasher. This pattern, I’ve decided, is unacceptable.

I’m tempted to follow the lead of a former coworker, who rid herself of wardrobe woes by establishing a uniform and wearing white button-down shirts and blue jeans every single day. Practical, right?

Instead, I’m challenging myself a bit. I want to figure out how to stay relaxed and well-dressed, without spending all my precious paychecks in the process. That way, when a client calls for a last-minute meeting, or I meet someone in the grocery store who happens to need an editor, I won’t look like I just rolled out of bed.

So come … let’s put some clothes on.

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